About Me

Hi, Everyone.

Seems the only time I get writer’s block is when I’m trying to write about myself. I’ll flesh this section out eventually, but, to quote the words of Neil Gaiman, I’m just making things up and writing them down.

You know what? Now I feel a little bad.

You see, I have a confession. I’ve never actually read anything by Neil Gaiman. Of course, I know of him, but I inexplicably never got around to reading any of his books. However, judging from the YouTube videos I’ve seen, he looks like a nice fella’. In truth, the only reason I know that quote is because I saw it on his Twitter profile after I Googled him.

Sorry, Neil. If it’s any consolation at all, Stardust is one of my all-time favourite movies…

In the meantime (i.e. while I actually try to figure out some relevant content to put here), why don’t you check out my Facebook or Twitter (which probably don’t have any relevant content either…)?


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