All Thawed Out And Nowhere To Go

Hi folks,

Not to worry. I’m still alive.

Looks I made it through the Canadian winter (and didn’t lose a single sled-dog!), and I can finally hang up the snow shovel and break out the garden tools again. Maybe I’ll pop up some pictures later in the season.

Now, for the weird news. As many of you know, I have a policy of giving out free copies of Episode Three to anyone who’s in a tough spot. Last Sunday, I received a Google Alert directing me to a page containing the following forum post:

1aThat’s basically a request for a pirated copy of my book. Whoever fulfills this quest is apparently rewarded with forum funny-money.

Could have handled that a few ways, ranging from a “How dare you?!” to just shrugging my shoulders and ignoring it. I chose this route: replyI figured I’d at least offer an olive branch and see what happens. After all, perhaps this person didn’t know about my policy, and is in a genuine tough spot?

Now, I’d love to make up a Hollywood ending to this story, but the truth is that that entire thread was deleted a few hours later.

Well, that was pretty anti-climactic, wasn’t it? Was it removed by a moderator or the poster? I don’t know. Either way, I haven’t been contacted by anyone recently.

However, the offer still stands. Mr [redacted, you know who you are], please email me if you want a copy.

Also, I know everyone is getting a touch antsy waiting for Episode Four. Rest assured, it’s in the works. I’m also working on getting Episodes Five and Six out in short order (i.e. this year), but we’ll see how that works out. More details to follow next week.

Until next time, folks.

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