An Actual Update…

Hi folks, got an update with some actual concrete news this time.

I’ll rip the biggest band-aid off first. I’ve started a YouTube channel about dumb stuff. Mainly repairing (or trying to) electronics, some dodgy DIY hacks, and reviews on random weird stuff. The channel name is “Discount Sasquatch“. Why? I’d love to have some sort of profound reasoning behind it, but I just thought it was funny and easy to remember.

Also, this is my first foray into the world of film, so please be kind and don’t expect too much.

Now, the books aren’t going to stop, but I’m going to change a few things. Part of my problem is just that I, personally, find it hard to keep steaming ahead for a year (or, let’s admit it, quite a bit longer) to get each book done, while still trying to keep my sanity with my actual work and home life.

To that end, I’ll be releasing my work in smaller chunks (ex: 20 to 40 pages, but don’t hold me to that) from now on. However, when a full book is done, I’ll release the “compiled” version as well for those that prefer it.

The books will also be free… which is a pain. Not from any sort of monetary standpoint (although money is nice!), but that involves quite a bit of logistics. But, that’s not your problem, so I’ll skip over the rant I planned.

So, how do you get the partial book segments? I’ll post them on this same website, as well as on Patreon. But, not my “K.P Alexander” Patreon account! That one will be de-launched, and I’ll be using a new one using the “Discount Sasquatch” branding. Early access to each book “segment” will be a Patreon perk, and I’ll unlock them to the general public after about a week or two (at which point, they’ll be posted on this website as well).

Also, there isn’t going to be any sort of consistent release schedule for the book stuff (thought I’ll try to make it not too ridiculous), so please bear that in mind if you opt to support me on Patreon.

Also, most of the weird stuff I blog here will probably be moved to the planned website “”, leaving this site strictly (maybe) for book stuff.

There’s still a little bit to cover, but this post is getting long enough already. Expect a follow up post sometime in the future, along with some cleaning up/streamlining of this website.

Take care, and until next time, folks!

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