Apologies, and an Update

First off, I do need to apologize for the sparse updates. I’ll try to make more time to keep you guys in the loop (especially regarding Artifice: Episode Two).

Which leads into the next point. Another apology is in order, as Episode Two won’t be released this month. My editor (who is doing this for free, so go easy on her :)) is just ending her maternity leave at the end of this month, and her time right now is dedicated to dealing with that, getting ready to go back to work, and planning a first birthday party. To that end, I’m going to not bug her to read my book for another few weeks. Realistically, I don’t expect Episode Two to be available for download until close to the end of April. Again, apologies to everyone. This was just the result of bad planning/timing.

Also, another bit of strange/bad news. It looks like Amazon.co.uk has reverted Episode One back into a paid book for some reason. I’m currently trying to get it to go free again.

Again, I’ll try to post updates more frequently. Also, as compensation, I’ll see about posting the first few pages from the working copy of Episode Two as a teaser sample.

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