Lots Of Colons…

Just re-published the book with the new cover/name/description on Amazon. Unfortunately, this is what it says for the title: Strange New World: Artifice: Episode One Riiight… How did that happen? There are two fields in the book details… Read More

Your Tax Dollars Well Spent

Well, the mother-in-law’s place was burglarized on Monday. How’s your week been going? She also lives only a few blocks away from us [insert joke here]. Time to start looking into one of those security camera setups, I… Read More

Router? I Hardly Know Her!

Just a heads up – if you absolutely no interest in routers, UTM’s or IT in general, this post may bore you to tears. I’ll try to keep it entertaining and/or informative, though. Also, apologies for the lack… Read More

Mad About Shoe

Hi, everyone! As promised, here’s some more blog content to peruse. To that effect, here’s a picture of a pair of shoes.  What’s that? No, there’s a point to this. Now, here’s a picture of another pair of shoes…. Read More

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