Deluge in Toronto

We had a little bit of rain here in the Greater Toronto Area, with accompanying flooding and power outages as well. Hence, the absence of this site from the world wide internets last night. Should be back to normal now… until tonight’s storms at least…

2 Comments on “Deluge in Toronto

  1. I just finished reading Episode one of your book, and enjoyed it. I really appreciated the lack of sex and cussing. Your writing style is personable and accessible (that is to say, it slightly resembles my own, so I can get into it easily). Your characters are very well written and likable, well, the ones that aren’t creepy and mysterious. And you’ve got me wondering about all the big secrets that that guy who’s passing out the living ships is hiding and planning (and the living ships are a neat touch too).

    My only real complaint right now is that your blog hasn’t got one of those little ‘Follow me’ buttons on it so I can read your updates in my email like I do those of the author of ‘Delilah Dirk’ (another Canadian author who writes pretty good stuff). Have you ever seen those on wordpress blogs?

    *going to get Episode two now* Thanks!

    • Hi, Tam! I’m glad to hear that you liked Episode One – I hope you enjoy Episode Two as well. As for what Lazano’s organization is up to? You’ll have to wait and see. 😉

      I’m still a little new to the world of blogging, but that’s an excellent suggestion – I’ll definitely see about getting one of those buttons here.

      Have fun with Episode Two 🙂

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