Horrible DIY: Ottoman

Hi there, guys and gals.

Thought I’d toss some more nonsense at you folks. Not sure how interesting this’ll be for most of you, but here we go.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to work from home for the duration of the pandemic. Long story short, I had a small ottoman under my desk to act as a footstool. He started complaining after a while, so I had him deported and replaced with a piece of furniture instead.

The ottoman (furniture) was covered in faux leather. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens to faux leather after months of exposure to my feet:

So, I decided to try to (somewhat) re-upholster it.

Would have been easier if the top just kind of slotted in and sat there like a box cover, but, alas, I had to remove a bunch of tiny screws.

Here we see the cheapest fabric I could find. I mean, this thing was like $1.50 a square yard. And that’s Canadian money as well too. So, like 8 cents USD.

It was actually fairly thick too – almost as thick as those stereotypical Canadian lumberjack shirts. Just in case though, I doubled it up. I mean, at that price, why not?

This is why not. Those tiny screws, when coupled with the double-layered fabric, were impossible to get back in. So, there’s now a curtain that hangs off one side.

Now, I know I could have used a thick needle, or cut around the screw holes, or any of a number of other things.

But, let’s look at this rationally. This is a footstool that lives permanently under my desk. And I couldn’t be bothered. If anything, that curtain only hangs off the back of it, and it’s sort of useful in keeping the stool from rubbing up against the wall.

So, it’s a feature, not a bug. Or that’s what I’ll keep telling myself.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this journey into madness.

Stay safe, folks.

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