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Hi, everyone! As promised, here’s some more blog content to peruse.

To that effect, here’s a picture of a pair of shoes.


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 What’s that? No, there’s a point to this. Now, here’s a picture of another pair of shoes.

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 Huh? No, I don’t have some sort of bizarre fetish. Okay, I’ll get to the point.

One of those pairs of shoes was purchased at the beginning of the year, and was worn by our two year old toddler up until three weeks ago. It took the full brunt of summer, and the only “real” reason it was replaced was because the velcro straps were starting to lose their edge. It was also purchased on sale at a, well, discount shoestore – let’s call them “Sayless Phoesource”.

The other pair of shoes was worn only for the first three weeks of September, and haven’t gotten much mileage outside of the daycare playground. They were also purchased from a specialty children’s store, and for a much higher price – let’s call it “Phildren’s Clase”. Obviously, these shoes must have been selected with the knowledge that comes with having your entire inventory dedicated to providing raiment for little ones. Guess what? They are also the pair of shoes depicted in that first picture!

Granted, you more than likely saw that one coming. I mean, the topic of this post, plus the fact that it’s in the “Rants” category were probably big tipoffs in themselves.

Anyways, I don’t intend to do anything about this. If I actually do end up “winning the complaint”, I’m sure the resultant headache will negate any feeling of triumph.

Consider this a P.S.A. to any of you looking to purchase any children’s shoes from the alleged store.

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