[August 18, 2015] Steam Contest Giveaway! Check out the Contest Page for details!

[Feb 2, 2015] Just finished the last of the revisions to Artifice: Episode Four! My editor’s gonna’ have one last look at it, then off to publishing!

[Jan 8, 2015] Good news! I’ve literally got five pages left to write for Episode Four! In a few days, I’ll be sending it off to the Beta Readers and my¬†Editor! Expect it soon!

[Dec 4, 2014] Only one way to say this, and it’s not pretty. Artifice: Episode Four (Breached Gates) won’t be published until the beginning of January. More details in this post here.

[Dec 3,2014] The more astute among you may have noticed the new layout of the site. Some of the graphics are just placeholders for now, but will be updated soon(ish)!

[Dec 3, 2014] I now have a News page! I guess that’s sort of news in itself…

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