Not-So-Pretty in Pink

Hi Folks – Just a few quick updates before I hit the sack.

  • Had some server troubles this past weekend for the site, but it should be okay now.
  • I’ll be doing some sort of a giveaway of Episode Three to coincide with its release. Haven’t decided on the exact specifics of it – i.e. a contest, give out x copies to y subscribers on the mailing list, give a copy to everyone who likes it on Facebook on certain days, etc. More details to come.
  • I’ve also collected a copious cornucopia of [crap] from my folks’ basement, and will be posting quite a few more updates to publicize my bizarre trophycase. Which leads into the next point.
  • Many of you have probably noticed that I haven’t posted in quite a few weeks. Unfortunately, the last two and a half weeks weeks were spent taking care of a toddler with pinkeye, then a wife with pinkeye, then fighting off a pinkeye infection myself. Have I mentioned how much I love daycares?
  • Now the bad news. This whole pinkeye fiasco really threw me for a loop, and I haven’t gotten nearly as much writing done as I should have. Soooo, I’ll be pushing back the Episode Three release date by two weeks to at least the end of September.
    On the upside, this will give me more time to put out a more polished product for everyone, and hopefully garner some more reviews on the various retailer sites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thanks again folks, and apologies.

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