Not to Worry – I’m Still Alive

Hi folks,

Been pretty hectic these past few weeks, but wanted to you everyone a quick update:

Regarding the Special Halloween Episode: This will be a short story of approximately 7500 words. It will NOT be canon – i.e. the events that happen in there have no bearing on the main Artifice Series. It’s just a fun diversion.

It was actually written for a short story contest. Not that I have any illusions about winning, mind you – I’m just showing my support for them by taking part (plus I’m sure those grapes are probably sour). All kidding aside, I’m probably going up against people that have actually written in the horror genre before, so I’m not holding my breath on this one.

After the votes have been tallied, I’ll release the story to you – which should be on Oct 16. Note that the story will ONLY be available as download on this site for the months of October and November. Now, this is not because I want to force you to visit this site on a continuous basis to hunt for unannounced stories. I’ve simply agreed to let the contest holders have first publishing rights, just in case they decide to create an anthology out of the submitted stories.

So, sometime in December, I’ll publish it on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc. Unless, of course, it turns out to be total rubbish – then it’ll be published exclusively in my Recycle Bin. Kidding 🙂 Until then, you’ll still be able to download it directly from this site. I’ll post the links as soon as the contest votes are tallied and published.

If you want a heads up as soon as it’s available for download, please sign up for my “New Release Mailing List” – it’s over there in the right sidebar. I promise I won’t spam you.

Regarding Artifice: Episode Three: I am officially changing the release date to “sometime before Christmas”. Now, before you start to panic, know that there’s still a good chance that it will probably be released sometime this month.

The reasons for this? First: between long hours at the day job, a toddler, my wife’s upcoming birthday, and lots of work needed to be done on the house, finding time to work earnestly on Episode Three is… well… difficult.

Now, I could just scrounge together a withered shell of a story and publish that, but it wouldn’t be fair to you. Also, (now this could be because everyone’s grumpy that winter’s coming) I’ve been seeing a lot more “bad” reviews for Episodes One and Two.

For example, the only review of Episode Two on Barnes & Noble is an anonymous three-star review with no text. On the other hand, though, I have gotten constructive feedback regarding things I can improve on – such as reminding people a bit more about which character was which at the start of a new episode.

To that end, I’m asking everyone to please take a few minutes and submit a review of Episodes One and Two to whichever site you downloaded it from. Believe me, it really does help and I really do read all the reviews to see where I can improve.

Plus, all of the book advertising sites will just plain not accept your book, unless there’s a minimum number of accompanying reviews. (And I refuse to resort to shill reviews. Principles and all that…)

Remember: more reviews = more advertising = more exposure = more books sold in the future = less hours at my day job = more time to write books = faster turnaround time for new episodes!

Also, Regarding the Burn Notice Finale: I’m afraid I’m just too exhausted at this point to do a good writeup on this. Soon, I promise.

Also, lots more stuff in my parents basement still! Stay tuned for more!

That’s it for me folks – bedtime now. I’ve probably got a typo or ten in this jumble of words, but I’ll have to proof-read tomorrow, seeing as how my eyes are deciding to close on their own.

Remember, please leave a review if you’ve enjoyed my work.

Take care, everyone.

3 Comments on “Not to Worry – I’m Still Alive

  1. Thanks, Mike. It’s much appreciated! Hope you enjoy Episode Two as well. 🙂

    Also, I took a look at the link to your website, and I have to say that those are some impressive balloon sculptures! I dabble a bit whenever the little nieces and nephews visit, but you just plain put me to shame! Seriously, that minion balloon sculpture is light-years ahead of my flower… or snake… or worm… or overly long sausage.

    For anyone else browsing these comments, check out Mike’s site (linked off his name above). If you’re in the Indiana area, why don’t you hire him for your child’s next party? And, if you don’t have a child, I’m sure you can rent one from somewhere for a day. Then hire Mike.

    (Also, just to clarify for the suspicious: This is totally not a shill. I’ve never met or talked to him before. But, from what I’ve seen, his work looks pretty darn good.)

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