Just a quick post, ’cause I’m headed to bed for a well deserved rest in a few minutes.

Now, I’d say let’s get the housekeeping stuff out of the way, but you’d understand the irony of that statement if you saw my house right now. I’ve finished the flooring in 1 room, and you can check out the pictures on Instagram if you’re morbidly curious. We also spent a good chunk of the long weekend (the fake Canadian Thanksgiving) cleaning, organizing and doing general maintenance around the house.

But, enough about that. Lets talk about orgots.

You remember those? The humongous herd animals used to create those mince pies that Rheus loves?

Ever wonder where the name comes from?

Probably not, I’d wager. But, I’ll tell you anyway.

If anyone’s played a very old game series from waaay back called Star Control, there’s an animal referenced in them called an ortog.

Mainly a passing reference in the manual for Star Control II, and used as more of a joke item in Star Control 3. And yes, one of them is named with a Roman numeral, while the other is just a plain ol’ number. Also, just in case you decide to check them out, the third game is not really… well, up to par according to most fans.

Anyways, I digress.

How is the equivalent of a cow used as a joke item, you may ask? When you make contact with a certain alien race for the first time, you don’t actually realize that they’re sentient microorganisms living on an ortog. And you spend a good chunk of time basically trying to communicate with a cow. There’s also another fairly major thing they’re used for, but I won’t spoil that part for you in case you do try to play the game.

Well, I’ve been rambling too long here. I’m off to bed.

Stay safe, folks.

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