Our Story So Far…



Episode One

Strange New World

Opening your coat closet and unexpectedly discovering a portal into another world can be a slightly jarring experience. Spotting a dragon staring back at you through said portal should have sent any sane person running for the hills.

Good thing John was still a bit hung over.

Realizing that the dragon didn’t harbour any nefarious designs, John decided that a change of scenery was in order, and opted for a vacation to the exotic city of Iathera.

Befriending an enigmatic green-skinned woman and a wizard with a penchant for bathrobes, his impromptu holiday is cut short by news of an unprovoked attack on an allied nation. Having trekked across an entire ocean to wage war, the nation of Kierd had laid siege to the Nebar Cluster for reasons unknown. With Kierd wielding devastating weapons never before seen in that world, the surrounding region is rapidly thrown into unrest.

Still not exactly sure if there was a reason that he was brought here, he finds that his unique insights into this strange new world could be the key into tipping the conflict back in the Cluster’s favour.

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Episode Two

Rising Tides

After being transported to a strange new world by a dragon in his coat closet, John soon found himself enraptured by this bizarre land and its host of eccentric characters. Even a shock attack on a nearby allied nation had done little to wane his enthusiasm.

Now, John must use every resource at his command to help his new friends uncover the secrets behind devastating new weapons being fielded by their enemies.

Even so, it quickly becomes apparent that everything isn’t truly as it appears. Their adversaries seemingly have an agenda beyond mere conquest. With the fate of John’s newfound world hanging in the balance, he and his allies must puzzle out the enemy’s goals before it’s too late.

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Episode Three

Oncoming Storm

The invading Kierdan fleet had been vanquished, and were now in full retreat back across the sea.

Despite the victory, many questions remain unanswered. Where did they get such devastating weapons? What were they after? Who put them up to this? Why did they risk so much to apparently gain nothing?

Before the Nebar Cluster can assemble a punitive expedition, a new threat emerges. A massive floating structure has been spotted heading straight for the city of Iathera.

Duty-bound to aid their ally, the Cluster must delay any notion of retaliation, deploying their fleet to intercept the intruder.

Will it be enough?

In the face of a potential invasion, the Iatheran Intendant Yazril calls for reinforcements from the distant town of Freewater.

John, the displaced visitor from Earth, hedges their bets by constructing weapons never before seen in that world.

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Episode Four

Breached Gates

The leviathan structure which had been bearing down on Iathera had finally been neutralized. In a matter of speaking, that is. While crippled, it still presented a looming threat of invasion from the harbor in which it now lay.

However, with a blockade fleet now surrounding it, John and his friends could now deal with it under much less stressful time constraints.
If only.

Shortly after, all contact is lost with a remote, but extremely important, fort on the western side of the continent. Plans have to be hastily rearranged to accommodate the new circumstances, as Iathera must now strip a large force of defenders away to deal with the incident.

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