Quick Update 2: Update Harder

Still having another long week at work, but should calm down by tomorrow… I hope…

No witty post today, but I figured I’d fill you guys and gals in on what to expect in the near future.

  • There will be no Halloween episode this time around. Sorry about that, but I wanted to have Episode Four ready, and was forced to make Sophie’s choice.
  • Episode Four is on track to be published by the first week of December. I definitely don’t want to publish it any later than that, as I’ll be missing out on the Christmas holiday shopping season.
  • Episode Five will not be published before the end of the year. Not unless I can find a way to stop time. I will try to fast-track it, though.
  • Now, while there won’t be a Halloween episode, I am *considering* the possibility of a (free) Christmas episode. It will more than likely be a non-canon short story, in the same vein as the Halloween episode last year. Again, this depends on how much free time I have. Will keep you updated.
  • Maps. I need to get my hand sketched maps redone and uploaded to a gallery on this site, as well as inserted into the books themselves.
  • The cover for Episode One. It looks more horrible every time I see it (though not as bad as Episode Two). I’m exploring options on getting a professionally done cover for it. More to come on this within the next week.
  • The Episodes will now have individual names! More details to follow.

That’s it for now, folks. Going to try to finish another few pages, then head to bed. ‘Night.

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