Quick Update and a Thank You Note

Hi folks,

Just an update on the status of Episode Two.

  • Smashwords: Available for download right now.
  • Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel: Just waiting on Smashwords to finish their internal vetting process before they distribute it to these retailers. Honestly, I’m not putting out much hope for it appearing on any of those this week.
  • Google Play: Still waiting for Google to process the upload. Taking longer than usual for some reason. Should be this week.
  • Apple iBookstore: It’s been sent. Hopefully should appear sometime this week.

Also, a sincere thanks to everyone that’s downloaded the book so far from Smashwords. Remember, if you’ve enjoyed any of my work, please remember to tell a friend, make a Tweet, like me on Facebook, or rent a skywriter, etc.

Also, I’d be most appreciative if you leave a review at whichever site you downloaded the book. 🙂

(June 14th Update: Smashwords finished their internal vetting, and have sent it off to Kobo thus far – am hoping it appears on the Kobo site over the weekend. Not sure why iBookstore is taking so long – hopefully will be there next week. Everything else is in a holding pattern until next week…)

(Update #2: Apparently in the 15 minutes since I wrote that last update, it’s now listed on Kobo.)

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