Quick Update

Hi there, folks.

Sorry for the hiatus, but I hope all of you are doing okay.

I’ll be honest with you guys and gals. I haven’t gotten much in the way of writing done in the past few weeks. A touch of winter blues mixed with endless IT emergencies at the day job just isn’t conducive to writing…

Anyways, I need to get some sleep.

Stay safe and take care, folks.

2 Comments on “Quick Update

  1. Hi! I hope you got some rest since that post. LOL. I just want to ask if the “Artifice” storyline is complete or when we can anticipate episode six? I have really enjoyed this series, but will probably have to start at book one again to bring it all to the front. Too many other books read to keep it all straight. Oh, what a sorry state of affairs this is, “I have time to read and read and read!” Thank you for the enjoyment you have given. Daniel O. Connolly

    • Hi Daniel, and thanks for reading my nonsense (the posts and the books haha).

      Artifice isn’t done – not by a longshot. I’ve been toying around with a few ideas on how to proceed with it in the future, and I’ll be making another post either tonight or tomorrow with some highlights of my intentions. Suffice to say, if all goes according to plan, you should have more Artifice to read this year.

      The current book being written is just a one-off, and should be done soon(ish).

      Thanks again for reading my books!


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