Still going…

Just a quick update so you guys know I haven’t vanished into the ether.

Am currently going back and forth with my editor on Episode 5 revisions/glaring drunken errors. Slower progress as I’m sort of paying them in booze, which admittedly doesn’t help with progress in itself.

I should have a fairly ready-to-go first few chapters posted to this site soon.

Until next time.


  1. Still waiting for episode 5!!! Willing to pay! Don’t need to post it for free. But, if that gets a few chapters to tease us, great. Thanks again. Daniel

    • Will be out soon, I promise. At the least, I will try to post at minimum two chapters this Friday.

      Thanks for the kind words. It really helps knowing that there’s people out there who appreciate my work. I know that sounds like trite boilerplate rubbish, but I really mean it.

      Believe me, I’m not one to turn away some cash. But, honestly, considering how long I had you guys waiting, I feel some penance is in order. I’ll still post it on Amazon and all the regular places for sale for those who are able and willing to drop a few dollars.

      Also, with all the craziness in the world currently, I know there are quite a few who may have to choose between eating and reading my nonsense. I really don’t feel comfortable forcing anyone to make that choice. I *do* have a policy of giving the book away on request, but I suspect there are those who may feel uncomfortable asking. It’s not a perfect solution, by any means. But, it works for now… I think…

      Again, thanks for the kind words, and I’ll try not to keep you guys waiting too long.

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