Stuff From My Folks’ Basement, Episode Four

Here it is, everyone.

The long overdue update on the migration of various crap from my folks’ basement to my place continues.

Backstory: When my wife and I got married and moved to our new place, I left behind a lot of stuff stored away in my parents’ basement. My wife was, for some odd reason, a little hesitant about having her semi-packrat husband bring all that stuff over to her nice, new clean basement. (Un?)Fortunately, my parents want their basement back. So, I’ve managed to sell her on the idea that this can be a fun series of blog posts for you guys and gals to enjoy. Wish me luck.

Main Course: Keeping this update to just books to avoid incurring the wrath of my wife right off the bat.


Let’s start off with a bang. Here we have an almost complete set of the original Dune series by the late, great Frank Herbert. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and haven’t read read these yet, I’m sure you’ll be in for a real treat when you decide to give them a shot. If you’ve been avoiding the series because of that David Lynch movie (which I  thought still had its charms), you’ve been doing yourself an injustice.


The Tale of the King’s Blades series. I remember picking up the first book on a whim at the bookstore, and being pleasantly surprised. Now, mind you, I wouldn’t say that they are great works of fiction, but they at least there aren’t any ridiculous antimatter bombs set to blow up the Vatican in them.


The Chronicle of the King’s Blades series. While not (in my opinion) on the level of David Eddings or Frank Herbert, I was impressed with the previous series enough to buy these as well.


Timeline by Michael Crichton. All I remember about this book is something about a professor, some students, and something about travelling through time to the middle ages. I think there was also a movie. I don’t remember this being a horrible book, but I did read it quite a long time ago. On the plus side, I don’t think there were any antimatter bombs in this one as well.


The Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy. I’d love to give a detailed breakdown on these, but the truth is that I read these so long ago that I’ve pretty much forgotten anything about the plotlines. And characters. Except, I do believe that there were dragons mentioned in them somewhere.


The Abhorsen trilogy. I got this as a birthday present from my kid sister quite a few years back. I believe it was about a demon hunting girl and her sidekick cat. And she would also use bells to fight demons. Seriously, though, I do remember it being a good read. Give it a shot the next time you’ve got a long flight (but try Frank Herbert first).

Summary: Still have quite a bit more stuff to go. Stay tuned.

Wife’s Anger Level: “What the… just how many more books do you have stashed over there?”

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