Sugar and Spice

Took a little detour on the way home from work today.

Where did I go? Well, I was looking for a certain item, and found one particular store that actually had it in stock: Party City.


What could I have possibly been looking for? And, of all places, why would Party City be carrying it?

Take a peek:


That, my friends, is a bag chock full of 75 of these:


Atomic Fireballs.

I loved these candies as a kid, and they’re almost impossible to track down.

What are they? Jawbreakers with a spicy/cinnamon coating on ’em for that extra kick. I remember not being able to keep these in my mouth for more than half a minute as a kid. However, it seems that I’ve either gotten used to them, or my taste buds are dying. That, or they actually toned them down. Either way, still enjoyable.

And, just to sate your minds, no I’m not planning on giving these out to kids on Halloween. 😛

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