Quick (But Important) Stuff

Hi everyone, Just a few quick updates: I’ve recently got quite a lot of feedback regarding Episode Two. While they were generally positive, one recurring theme seemed to be that readers were sometimes getting lost in a sea… Read More

A Few Quick Updates

Hi Folks, Like it says on the tin, here are a few quick updates before I hit the sack: Episode Two is now available on Google Play, but seems to be missing the cover… am looking into this…… Read More

Episode Two now on B&N!

Hi Folks – Quick update on Episode Two: Barnes & Noble: Available, as of this this morning Diesel: Available Apple iBookstore: Available Kobo: Available Google: Still “processing”… Sony: Still waiting And, as of a few hours ago, I… Read More

Quick Update on Episode Two Retailers

Hi, folks – Quick update: Kobo: Available now. Barnes & Noble, Sony, Diesel: Hoping by Friday… Google Play & iBookstore: Taking extremely long to process compared to Episode One. Am currently checking to see if there is a… Read More

(Almost) Good News!

Hi folks, First, let me apologize for the lack of recent updates. Secondly, I’ve just received the final revision back from my editor, and am giving it one last once-over tonight and tomorrow. Ideally, I’d prefer to let… Read More

Two guys walk into a bar.

The third one ducks. Sorry about that. Just a quick update on Episode Two. It looks like my editor will be able to have a look at it close to the end of the month. Hopefully, she’ll be… Read More

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