A Tough Decision

Sorry, folks, but this is the post I was hoping I wouldn’t have to make. (Just to clarify – I’m not deceased and this isn’t an auto-post-in-case-I’m-dead sort of thing. The books will keep flowing.) However, like the… Read More

I just hit the Publish button for Artifice: Episode Three!

[Edited Dec 11, 2013] Hey folks, It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve just submitted Episode Three to all the usual retailers, and it should be live and available for purchase shortly. Here’s a breakdown of… Read More

Quick (But Important) Stuff

Hi everyone, Just a few quick updates: I’ve recently got quite a lot of feedback regarding Episode Two. While they were generally positive, one recurring theme seemed to be that readers were sometimes getting lost in a sea… Read More

(Almost) Good News!

Hi folks, First, let me apologize for the lack of recent updates. Secondly, I’ve just received the final revision back from my editor, and am giving it one last once-over tonight and tomorrow. Ideally, I’d prefer to let… Read More

Apologies, and an Update

First off, I do need to apologize for the sparse updates. I’ll try to make more time to keep you guys in the loop (especially regarding Artifice: Episode Two). Which leads into the next point. Another apology is… Read More

Quick Update

Over 150 downloads so far from Smashwords, but it looks like it’s starting to taper off. Good news is that Artifice: Episode One has been shipped to Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple. Apple may take up to… Read More

About to Hit the Button Tomorrow!

Well, I’ve just completed converting and vetting the document to comply with Smashwords standards. However, it’s 1:30 in the morning, and I don’t want any weariness induced problems during the upload. So, I’m going to being uploading to… Read More

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