The Gift That Doesn’t Stop Giving

Well, t’was my wife’s birthday yesterday, so I decided to get her a thoughtful gift.



What in the world could possibly be in this gift bag? Precious gems? Bedroom slippers? A new car? Let’s find out!

We peel away at this first layer to find:

IMG_6203One badly wrapped present. (Incidentally, all these pictures had to be taken in seclusion down in my little nest in the basement, to avoid a certain someone finding out – so, no nice hardwood in the background scene this time around.)

We tear back that paper to find:

IMG_6195Which we then open to find:


A massive amount of plastic bags wrapped around some object in the centre, and reinforced with packing tape. Here, take a look:


After tearing away all the layers of that frustrating onion, you’ll then find:


A ring box containing two items:


A toy badge from the police playset I bought for our toddler when I was picking up that gift bag from the dollar store, and a note saying:

Sorry, but your present is in another castle!

(Check the floor in the office.)

After copious amounts of swearing, one would then go to the room right next to the bedroom to find:


An extremely large iPhone/iPod dock. Seriously, this thing is huge. I was looking for something for her to keep on her nightstand table, but might have to adjust those plans…

I’ll do a real review on this system in the near future, for those of you who are curious.

Incidentally, this was how many plastic bags/wrapping that she had to tear through:


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