The Plan Going Forward

Hi, guys and gals. Hope everyone’s doing well.

Not much laminate flooring done today, as I worked later than I had expected. This leads right into the reason behind this post. Namely, I’m going to explain my tentative plan for the future.

As I said, I was working late today. Again. And I’m really starting to hate that.

I work in IT, and I’ve been working crazy hours at an understaffed department for a long time. This not only bleeds into my personal life, but also cuts into the time available to write. Basically, by the time I’m finished with the “day” job, I’m just too drained to sit in front of a word processor. Our current pandemic has just exacerbated this, as recent work-from-home policies has increased my IT workload even more.

I need a change, or I’m going to burn out.

To this end, I’m going to try something.

I’m going to cut back on all the crazy hours. If someone’s dog chewed up their router again or someone forgot their password over the weekend, they’ll just have to wait. I’m going to use this newfound time to try to bring out new episodes as quickly as possible.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m trying to re-ignite interest in the series by giving away all five books. I’m hoping that this little gamble will pay off in the end, as more people will buy future books.

Which, to be honest, is also part of the reason Episode Five took a backburner to the day job for such a long time. From a financial perspective, it just wasn’t viable.

Recently, the wife’s gotten a new job, which brings a little more financial security for us. Hence, my little gamble.

I’m also toying around with a few other things in my head – primarily Patreon. But, more on that once I’ve got done my research.

Anyways, this is enough of me ranting and raving. Thanks for listening.

Stay safe.

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