You Asked For It…

And it’s here!

Enemy Mine (Artifice: Episode Five) is now available for (FREE!) download:

EPUB Format

MOBI Format

PDF Format

I really hope I didn’t screw anything up with those, like converting them to pig Latin by accident. Please let me know if there’s anything funny going on with the files.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m going to revamp the site a little bit so that it looks a little more… professional.

I’ve also got a few ideas that I want to try moving forward. I’ll do a more detailed post on that either later tonight or tomorrow (depending how much overtime I end up working tonight at my main job).

For now, enjoy!

(Quick P.S. There’s no cover art as of yet for Episode Five. And, also, I need to update the site to reflect that fact that Episode Four is not the latest…)

4 Comments on “You Asked For It…

  1. Thank you. I was fearful that you might not get the 5th episode finished. Is this the end of the series or can we expect more later? Again thank you.

    • Hi Daniel. No, thank YOU for reading my work and (hopefully) enjoying it. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more episodes to go (as well as some other stuff, but more on that later).

    • Hi Jeff. It’s being worked on, alongside another unrelated book, albeit slowly. However, I am toying with the idea of releasing “mini” episodes on perhaps a monthly basis, then compiling them into full episodes for release when appropriate.
      Sorry for the delay between episodes, but had to prioritize my time towards the “day job”. I’ll see to post an update on the blog shortly.
      Also, thanks for enjoying my books!

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