Your Tax Dollars Well Spent

Well, the mother-in-law’s place was burglarized on Monday. How’s your week been going?

She also lives only a few blocks away from us [insert joke here]. Time to start looking into one of those security camera setups, I suppose.

Why didn’t she have an alarm you ask? She did. She actually left work when she got the call from the alarm company. Got home about just over half an hour later. The police showed up at the same time. Very odd considering that there’s a donut shop just down the road. Safe to say the thief/thieves were long gone. Also, this is not a secluded neighbourhood. There are two major highways just a few minutes away.

She probably lives in a little out-of-the-way corner? Nope. It’s a corner lot with the front door facing a fairly busy road. The same front door that was kicked in by the thieves. Pretty brazen.

Also, word of advice, folks. Those special anti-thief-kick chains/locks/etc? Useless if the bloody door frame is made out of a thin piece of pine. Need to have it reinforced with at least some sort of metal apparently.

Someone also suggested leaving a large dog waterbowl on your porch, and putting up a “Beware of Dog” sign. Think I might try that. There’s also this neat gadget.

Well, just wanted to say hi, folks. Lost a lot of writing time this week and need to make up for it.

(Also, the Episode One cover contest is now ongoing – you can check it out here.)

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