Your Tax Dollars Well Spent

Well, the mother-in-law’s place was burglarized on Monday. How’s your week been going?

She also lives only a few blocks away from us [insert joke here]. Time to start looking into one of those security camera setups, I suppose.

Why didn’t she have an alarm you ask? She did. She actually left work when she got the call from the alarm company. Got home about just over half an hour later. The police showed up at the same time. Very odd considering that there’s a donut shop just down the road. Safe to say the thief/thieves were long gone. Also, this is not a secluded neighbourhood. There are two major highways just a few minutes away.

She probably lives in a little out-of-the-way corner? Nope. It’s a corner lot with the front door facing a fairly busy road. The same front door that was kicked in by the thieves. Pretty brazen.

Also, word of advice, folks. Those special anti-thief-kick chains/locks/etc? Useless if the bloody door frame is made out of a thin piece of pine. Need to have it reinforced with at least some sort of metal apparently.

Someone also suggested leaving a large dog waterbowl on your porch, and putting up a “Beware of Dog” sign. Think I might try that. There’s also this neat gadget.

Well, just wanted to say hi, folks. Lost a lot of writing time this week and need to make up for it.

(Also, the Episode One cover contest is now ongoing – you can check it out here.)

New Episode One Cover Art [Soon]!

I promised it, and I’m about to deliver (in about a week or so).

I just submitted a design contest for Artifice: Episode One on 99Designs. We’ll see what magic happens.

Also, if anyone was bored enough to read the brief for the design contest, you’ll also know that Episode One will now have a title of “Strange New World”. I’ll admit that it’s not the most creative or non-cliche title. In any case, it can always be changed if I think of something else during the week.

For those who are curious, Episode Two’s title is still in the air, but I’ve more or less decided on “Oncoming Storm” for Episode Three. Episode Four will be titled “Breached Gates”.

Quick Update 2: Update Harder

Still having another long week at work, but should calm down by tomorrow… I hope…

No witty post today, but I figured I’d fill you guys and gals in on what to expect in the near future.

  • There will be no Halloween episode this time around. Sorry about that, but I wanted to have Episode Four ready, and was forced to make Sophie’s choice.
  • Episode Four is on track to be published by the first week of December. I definitely don’t want to publish it any later than that, as I’ll be missing out on the Christmas holiday shopping season.
  • Episode Five will not be published before the end of the year. Not unless I can find a way to stop time. I will try to fast-track it, though.
  • Now, while there won’t be a Halloween episode, I am *considering* the possibility of a (free) Christmas episode. It will more than likely be a non-canon short story, in the same vein as the Halloween episode last year. Again, this depends on how much free time I have. Will keep you updated.
  • Maps. I need to get my hand sketched maps redone and uploaded to a gallery on this site, as well as inserted into the books themselves.
  • The cover for Episode One. It looks more horrible every time I see it (though not as bad as Episode Two). I’m exploring options on getting a professionally done cover for it. More to come on this within the next week.
  • The Episodes will now have individual names! More details to follow.

That’s it for now, folks. Going to try to finish another few pages, then head to bed. ‘Night.

Quick Update

Hi Folks,

Been a looooong week at work and home, so suffering from a lack of witty dialogue right now.

On the plus side, though, it looks like the wife is enjoying her new gigantic iPhone dock/stereo.

Looks like another long week of work ahead, so updates may be sparse again, but will try to pop in during the week.

As for me, going to down some coffee and get a few more pages finished for Episode Four before hitting the sack.

Wish me luck.

Sugar and Spice

Took a little detour on the way home from work today.

Where did I go? Well, I was looking for a certain item, and found one particular store that actually had it in stock: Party City.


What could I have possibly been looking for? And, of all places, why would Party City be carrying it?

Take a peek: Continue reading

No Offense Intended

Before I begin, let me make it absolutely clear that I am a full proponent of equal rights for everyone.

Now, with that bizarre disclaimer out of the way, let’s start this tale.

My wife and I had our four year anniversary back in July, and decided to take a day trip to Niagara Falls. We brought along our toddler, as there’s quite a lot to amuse a two year old there -everything from snow cones to fireworks.

Now, I was keen┬áto go there for a very particular reason – one not related to frozen treats or pretty lights in the sky.

You see, here on the communist side of Niagara Falls, there’s a certain little store tucked away at the top of Clifton Hill that deals in convenience type stuff, as well as some odds and ends.

I was there for a specific oddity/endity(?).

This store, for whatever reason, keeps a stock of t-shirts-that-didn’t-make-the-cut that it sells for only two bucks apiece.

What sort of t-shirts, you ask? Here’s my haul from two years back, in all their wrinkled glory: Continue reading