Tech Tip: Ninite

Hi, folks.

I’ve got a larger post written up, but got home too late to finish taking the accompanying pictures for it. So, you’ll get a quick substitute post instead. Consider this part one of an ongoing series of posts regarding cheap/free tech related stuff that might make your life just a little bit easier.

Today, we’ll look at something I mentioned in the last update: Ninite. Continue reading

Router? I Hardly Know Her!

Just a heads up – if you absolutely no interest in routers, UTM’s or IT in general, this post may bore you to tears. I’ll try to keep it entertaining and/or informative, though. Also, apologies for the lack of screenshots or pictures, but I only decided on writing this post after everything was said and done.

Here was the situation: I was using a cheap D-Link router for my home internet connection that had, well, issues. Despite being only a few months old, it would lock up at inopportune moments, necessitating a run to the basement to unplug and replug it. That got old real fast. Mind you, it wasn’t a “bad” router, per se. However, I do a lot of remote stuff for my “real” job at home, which often involves copying large files back and forth – which I suspect just overloaded the poor router.

I had a couple of options at this point. Continue reading

Avoid Licking Strange People

The days are getting shorter and colder. It’s that time of year again.

Daycare pestilence season.

Those of you with little ones staying in the illness incubator will know what I’m talking about. Expect a fun new contagion every few weeks. If you’re lucky, it’ll be a simple case of the sniffles. If not, good luck with the fun case of hand, foot and mouth disease.

And, of course, you’ll be able to share in the misery too! Usually increased by a factor of ten.

As I type this, my nose is stuffed up (and you don’t want to know what’s coming out of it when I blow it), I’ve got a slight fever, and every muscle in my body feels like they’ve been put through a wringer. Last night, I felt so drained that I went to sleep immediately after putting our toddler to bed.

The kid, on the other hand, had a little bit of a runny nose earlier this week, but seems okay now.

Fun times.

Mad About Shoe

Hi, everyone! As promised, here’s some more blog content to peruse.

To that effect, here’s a picture of a pair of shoes.


[Click to zoom]

 What’s that? No, there’s a point to this. Now, here’s a picture of another pair of shoes.

[Click to zoom]

[Click to zoom]

 Huh? No, I don’t have some sort of bizarre fetish. Okay, I’ll get to the point.

One of those pairs of shoes was purchased at the beginning of the year, and was worn by our two year old toddler up until three weeks ago. It took the full brunt of summer, and the only “real” reason it was replaced was because the velcro straps were starting to lose their edge. It was also purchased on sale at a, well, discount shoestore – let’s call them “Sayless Phoesource”.

The other pair of shoes was worn only for the first three weeks of September, and haven’t gotten much mileage outside of the daycare playground. They were also purchased from a specialty children’s store, and for a much higher price – let’s call it “Phildren’s Clase”. Obviously, these shoes must have been selected with the knowledge that comes with having your entire inventory dedicated to providing raiment for little ones. Guess what? They are also the pair of shoes depicted in that first picture!

Granted, you more than likely saw that one coming. I mean, the topic of this post, plus the fact that it’s in the “Rants” category were probably big tipoffs in themselves.

Anyways, I don’t intend to do anything about this. If I actually do end up “winning the complaint”, I’m sure the resultant headache will negate any feeling of triumph.

Consider this a P.S.A. to any of you looking to purchase any children’s shoes from the alleged store.

Slow Men At Work


Just kidding. I’m not really a ghost.

Seriously. I’m not actually dead. I promise.

I know updates have been reaaaally long in coming, but I’m going to make a concerted effort to keep this site as active as possible.

Which brings me to the next point – the site is currently being renovated to make it a little more professional looking. There’s going to be menu changes, placeholder images, etc.

So, if you see any weird stuff over the next little bit, please bear with me.

Now, why the need for a more professional look? For Episode Four’s launch, of course. 😉

Current intentions are to have Episodes Four and Five out by year’s end. Now, as much as I’d like to, I can’t give a firm promise on Episode Five. Not currently, at least. More updates on that within the next few weeks.

Stuff From My Folks’ Basement, Episode Four

Here it is, everyone.

The long overdue update on the migration of various crap from my folks’ basement to my place continues.

Backstory: When my wife and I got married and moved to our new place, I left behind a lot of stuff stored away in my parents’ basement. My wife was, for some odd reason, a little hesitant about having her semi-packrat husband bring all that stuff over to her nice, new clean basement. (Un?)Fortunately, my parents want their basement back. So, I’ve managed to sell her on the idea that this can be a fun series of blog posts for you guys and gals to enjoy. Wish me luck.

Main Course: Keeping this update to just books to avoid incurring the wrath of my wife right off the bat.


Let’s start off with a bang. Here we have an almost complete set of the original Dune series by the late, great Frank Herbert. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and haven’t read read these yet, I’m sure you’ll be in for a real treat when you decide to give them a shot. If you’ve been avoiding the series because of that David Lynch movie (which I  thought still had its charms), you’ve been doing yourself an injustice. Continue reading


Me again.

Some of you may have noticed the new look of the site. Hopefully it’s  for the better. Doesn’t seem to be acting weird or anything like that (so far…).

However, I’ll be doing some testing and tweaking over the next few days to make sure everything is displaying properly for everyone – but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Right now, I need some sleep.

‘Night, everyone.

[Quick edit: Forgot to add that there’s now a “Like” thingy on the left side for Facebook. I’d greatly appreciate it if I can get that number higher than 14.]  🙂