Why bother?

One of my close friends (i.e. one of the three people actually reading this site) asked me why I’ve bothered updating this blog that no one [who counts] is currently reading, and why not simply concentrate my efforts fully on writing the book?

If and hopefully when ‘actual visitors’ start reading this site, I suspect they might have the same question.

So, I’ll assume that you’ve wondered that as well, and I’ll give you the same answer I gave my friend:

This blog, in it’s current state is more for my benefit than anything else. It’s more a diary right now, or perhaps an apocalyptic manifesto, should I end up utterly failing (or if the Mayans end up being right).

So, there you go. Hopefully, this diary has a happy ending. 🙂

Hello, everyone!

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my site!

Who am I? I’m an aspiring author in the process of publishing my first book. Please read the F.A.Q. for more details.

I’ve finally decided to put aside my years-long procrastination, and am feverently writing in an attempt to try to release Part One of my first book (for free!) before the Mayans hit stop on the game clock. Should the world not end, I hope you’ll decide to buy future parts. 🙂

I’ve put up a sample of the first few pages of the first book Artifice: Part One, in the hopes that… well… someone likes it.

I’ve also taken the plunge and decided to join the modern age. My friend has created this nice WordPress site for me, and hopefully I don’t muck it up to the point where it needs to re-installed. I’ve also created Facebook and Twitter accounts at www.facebook.com/kpalexanderauthor and @KPA_Author, respectively. Expect to see some content as soon as I figure out how to use them…

Until next time, and thanks for visiting my website!

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