Paying my Idiot Tax

Just a quick (and silly) update.

Stopped for gas on the way home from work and picked up one of these:


I could win $2,000 a week for life! No more having to write books! Just kidding, folks. In the unlikely event that I win the lottery, scratch card, or an¬†unknown rich uncle dies (or aunt, I don’t discriminate), I promise you that I’ll still be writing the Artifice series. Well, let’s start scratching this baby and see if I just wasted four dollars. The card’s divided into five main games, plus a little bonus game. We need to match three of a kind on each of the main games. Let’s scratch off number one and see how we do:


Boo.One down and four to go. Let’s see if the next one’s any better: Continue reading

Trust, but Verify…

Quick rant.

If your cable company assures you that they’ll be crediting you back for the technician that they’re sending out (for a mistake they made!), and even if they insist that they’ve made a note on your account, always call back a little later to make sure that they’ve actually added the note.

Thankfully, they eventually managed to pull up a voice recording of the initial phone call and got everything sorted out.