Almost there… still…

Another quick update, folks.

Now, I realize that is going to sound like it’s from a badly written sitcom, but my editor’s granddad just passed away, and she’s flown out for the funeral yesterday. She’ll be back on Wednesday.

Almost there…

Hi folks,

Just a few quick updates:

1. Artifice: Episode One is now available as a free download on

2. I’ve figured out Google Play (AKA the Android Store), and Artifice: Episode One is also available as a free download there.

3. My editor’s little one is just getting over another pretty nasty bug she picked up at daycare, so she hasn’t had much time for editing. We are making progress though.

Sorry that it’s not the news that I know you’ve all been waiting for. 🙁 Soon, though.

A Very Late Update

Hi folks,

Sorry for the extended period with no updates, but I was down with a pretty bad flu for about a week. Unfortunately, so was my editor. We think patient zero was her little one who just started daycare…

So, the good news is that my editor now has the draft copy, and is currently reviewing it. I’m hoping that I’ll have her seal of approval by this weekend, but (judging from my luck, so far) we’ll see how it goes.

As a consolation prize, I’ll upload a bit more of the Episode Two draft into the free sample section tomorrow.

Two guys walk into a bar.

The third one ducks.

Sorry about that.

Just a quick update on Episode Two. It looks like my editor will be able to have a look at it close to the end of the month. Hopefully, she’ll be able to do it sooner, but I’m not going to rush her (after all, she is working for free).

The good new is that this gives me some time to rework Episode Two a bit. I’ll see about expanding the narrative in some sections, and maybe moving plot points to or from the next episode, if needed.

Thanks for the great reviews on all the different sites so far. I really do appreciate them. I’m honestly touched by the fact that no one’s given me anything below a four star rating so far. I really didn’t expect that, and I am grateful. I’ll absolutely try to make sure that Episode Two meets the standards that you folks expect.

(Now, hopefully, I didn’t just jinx myself…)

Also, thanks to the person that pointed out several typos in Episode One. I’ll be uploading a revised version to all distribution sites shortly. Remember, folks, I’m sure that most (if not all) authors would appreciate hearing about stuff like that. We can’t correct our mistakes if we never know about them. After all, we’re only human. 🙂 Plus, it does help future readers to enjoy a more polished product, and you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.


Hi, everyone.

As promised, I will be uploading a small excerpt from the beginning of Episode Two sometime tomorrow evening.

Now, I’ve also received a few requests via email regarding spoilers for future episodes. After some consideration, I’ve decided to toss you guys a few morsels of what to expect: Atlantis; crashed alien spaceships; zombie polar bears; a dinosaur-filled island; and, what the heck, let’s throw Nikola Tesla in the mix as well.

I’ve spoken to my editor as well, and it does look like we’re on track for the end of the month.

Also, Happy April Fool’s Day!

Apologies, and an Update

First off, I do need to apologize for the sparse updates. I’ll try to make more time to keep you guys in the loop (especially regarding Artifice: Episode Two).

Which leads into the next point. Another apology is in order, as Episode Two won’t be released this month. My editor (who is doing this for free, so go easy on her :)) is just ending her maternity leave at the end of this month, and her time right now is dedicated to dealing with that, getting ready to go back to work, and planning a first birthday party. To that end, I’m going to not bug her to read my book for another few weeks. Realistically, I don’t expect Episode Two to be available for download until close to the end of April. Again, apologies to everyone. This was just the result of bad planning/timing.

Also, another bit of strange/bad news. It looks like has reverted Episode One back into a paid book for some reason. I’m currently trying to get it to go free again.

Again, I’ll try to post updates more frequently. Also, as compensation, I’ll see about posting the first few pages from the working copy of Episode Two as a teaser sample.