An Actual Update…

Hi folks, got an update with some actual concrete news this time. I’ll rip the biggest band-aid off first. I’ve started a YouTube channel about dumb stuff. Mainly repairing (or trying to) electronics, some dodgy DIY hacks, and… Read More

The Future…

Hi folks, Hope everyone’s been keeping well. Time for some straight talk. Before you start worrying – no, I’m not quitting writing for you guys and gals. The Artifice series is far from done. (Added post-edit: let me… Read More

Quick Update

Hi there, folks. Sorry for the hiatus, but I hope all of you are doing okay. I’ll be honest with you guys and gals. I haven’t gotten much in the way of writing done in the past few… Read More

Crap-5 Cabling II: Coax Woes

First off, hi folks. Hope everyone’s doing okay. Second, if you ever buy a house, get the wiring checked out. In fact, get everything checked out with a fine-tooth comb. If anything looks off, raise hell. We bought… Read More

Another Spin Around The Sun

Hi guys and gals. Don’t worry. I haven’t disappeared again. Just dropping this message-in-a-bottle into the great ocean of the internet to make sure everyone’s doing okay, considering the crazy times. Wasn’t the greatest year last year for… Read More

Doctor Octopus Rides Again

Hi guys and gals, No grand announcements or anything this time. Just wanted to say hi and see how everyone’s doing. Also, just wanted to mention that I post nonsense to Instagram and Facebook every so often, so… Read More

Crap-5 Cabling

This one’s a tale that happened back at the beginning of the pandemic this year. With everyone in the family here doing their work/school from home, I decided to double check the networking in the house to make… Read More

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