Late Weekly Update: Nov 13, 2012 (AKA The Best Laid Plans…)

Hi All, Well, with today already being Tuesday, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make the Thursday deadline. The past weekend (and Monday, as well) ended up with my ‘real’ job taking precedence due to an… Read More

Quick update

Just a quick update before heading to bed. Wasn’t able to accomplish much writing today, but did manage to pass the 20,000 word mark – am now clocking in at just over 20,200 words. Contacted someone regarding the… Read More

Part-ing Ways?

As suggested by a friend of mine, I’m heavily considering altering the current naming convention of the books – i.e. Abc: Part One, Abc: Part Two, etc… She suggested using ‘Abc: Episode One, etc…’ instead. Her reasoning was… Read More

Still talking to myself…

… but hopefully not crazy. Artifice: Part One is now clocking in at just under 11,000 words and counting. This includes the first three chapters, and the beginning of chapter four. Thankfully, I had a script/storyboard for all… Read More

Why bother?

One of my close friends (i.e. one of the three people actually reading this site) asked me why I’ve bothered updating this blog that no one [who counts] is currently reading, and why not simply concentrate my efforts… Read More

Hello, everyone!

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my site! Who am I? I’m an aspiring author in the process of publishing my first book. Please read the F.A.Q. for more details. I’ve finally decided to put aside my years-long… Read More

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