Spilling Some More Beans

Happy October, guys and gals.

Just like the it says on the can, I’m going to let you all in on a little bit of my plans.

It looks like I’ll be trying out Patreon to see if I can make it work.

Of course, I’m not just going to say “gimme money” and leave it at that. I’m planning on offering rewards to anyone that decides to become a patron.

Most of the rewards will be digital, as shipping costs may prove prohibitive for many physical rewards. Nonetheless, I am trying to figure out a way to offer physical rewards, such as signed paperbacks.

Some of the ideas for the digital rewards include Patreon-only posts with topics such as:

  • free downloads of future ebooks.
  • a peek behind the curtains of certain parts of the books. Ever wonder who was initially going to play the role of Nolan? Or, want to see how bad/different the first drafts of certain chapters were?
  • explanations and reveals of my tip-of-the-hat references. You’ve probably suspected that my books are filled with cheeky references to other works of fiction. If you did, you’re absolutely right. I’ll go into detail regarding them, and maybe even give you a rambling essay on the source material. By the way, does anyone know the origins of the word “orgot”?
  • more “Weird/Cool Stuff That I Own” posts. Did you know there’s an officially licenced Yoshi drone?

*NOTE* This does not mean that all of these types of posts are going to be exclusive for people who can afford to give me money via Patreon. I *will* still be posting some of these for everyone to see, and I promise I will find a fair and unbiased way to select which posts are Patreon-only. I’m thinking I’ll roll a d20 and let fate decide? In any case, I have absolutely no intentions of paywalling off all my content. There will simply be more of these posts, and some will be Patreon-only.

Also, my old stance on giving away my books still stands. If you’re not doing so good financially, or you’re a student with a limited budget, or whatever else reason, then I’d rather you spend your money on something else that you might need more. Contact me, and I’ll give you a copy of my books for free. No other restrictions. This is on the honour system.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough for tonight. Stay safe, folks.

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