The First Elephant

Hi there, guys and gals.

Just a quick update, in which I’ll be addressing one of those elephants stuffed into this room.

Yes, this site looks… like something you wouldn’t expect to find in this day and age.

Here’s my line of reasoning. I’ve attempted to try quite a few of the more professional WordPress themes and templates out… and it wasn’t a pretty sight/site. Graphics design just isn’t my forte. I mean, take a look at the cover for Episode Four if you need proof.

So, in my wisdom, I decided to embrace this mediocrity and go with something a little more out there. Something which… is kind of supposed to look ‘bad’. Also, I do think I actually really like this theme.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still did a hack job with this retro WordPress theme I chose. I’ll be, over time, trying to tweak and modify it to look better. But, for now, this is what we have.

Also, I’ll have a bit of an early Christmas treat for everyone soon. I’ve been working on another (unrelated to Artifice) book since I released Episode Five, and I’ll have a little bit of a preview for you. This will be a single book, not a series.

Take care, folks.

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