Discount Crystal Ball

Hi there, guys and gals. Got a little bit of a treat for you tonight.

Anyone interested in a sneak peak into the future of the Artifice series?

You are? Well then, sit back and enjoy.

Now, because we’re using a discount crystal ball, this little revelation could be the real deal, or it could be a false vision sent by a trickster. If it’s not a fake, it could happen in the next episode, or ten episodes from now. (Read: this is intended for the next episode, but I may find that it works even better in another one, or that it may just end up not working out at all. The latter two scenarios are highly unlikely, but just wanted to be transparent with you folks.)

Also, there may obviously be a few slight spoilers, so feel free to skip over this post. I won’t mind.

Now, with the disclaimers out of the way:

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, guys and gals!

No profound or boring essay for you this time. Just well wishes in these strange times.

Stay safe, folks.

Xbox Appendectomy

Hi, guys and gals. Hope everyone’s doing well.

As a beloved comedy troupe once said, “And now for something completely different.”

As you (probably don’t) know, I like to collect retro games. I recently came upon an original Xbox in one of the local thrift stores for $25 (Canadian dollars, approximately 82 cents USD). It appeared to be in good condition with no roaches or anything pouring out of it, so I decided to bite the bullet.

All the warranty seals were in place, which was a good thing. It meant no one had been in there before to tinker around, and that it had never needed repairs. Now, the thrift store claimed that it was “tested”, but I’m not sure if that meant they just plugged the power in and made sure it didn’t immediately catch fire. However, it was still a good sign.

It was also a bad sign. See, the original Xboxes (up until the last revision) all had a very distinct issue.

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Geopolitically Bad Timing

Hi, guys and gals. Hope everyone’s doing well.

Here’s a free tip: If you’re thinking of upgrading the flooring in your home, try to do it before you cover it with furniture…

We’re got all the furniture out from the second room, and I’m going to start laying down the actual flooring tomorrow. Why not today, you ask? Well, because of this:

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Just a quick post, ’cause I’m headed to bed for a well deserved rest in a few minutes.

Now, I’d say let’s get the housekeeping stuff out of the way, but you’d understand the irony of that statement if you saw my house right now. I’ve finished the flooring in 1 room, and you can check out the pictures on Instagram if you’re morbidly curious. We also spent a good chunk of the long weekend (the fake Canadian Thanksgiving) cleaning, organizing and doing general maintenance around the house.

But, enough about that. Lets talk about orgots.

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The First Elephant

Hi there, guys and gals.

Just a quick update, in which I’ll be addressing one of those elephants stuffed into this room.

Yes, this site looks… like something you wouldn’t expect to find in this day and age.

Here’s my line of reasoning. I’ve attempted to try quite a few of the more professional WordPress themes and templates out… and it wasn’t a pretty sight/site. Graphics design just isn’t my forte. I mean, take a look at the cover for Episode Four if you need proof.

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Well, If It Worked For Ancient Greece…

I’ve gone and done it, guys and gals.

As you can probably tell from looking at the sidebar, there’s now a big, shiny Patreon logo. Well, not really… I mean, it’s average-sized and sort of matte red. But, it’s there now.

If you’re willing to forego a couple of coffees a month, I’d be grateful if you chose to send that money my way instead.

Please note that this isn’t a requirement to get access to new ebooks. All new ebooks will also get listed on Amazon, Kobo, etc. And, as always, if you can’t afford to get an ebook in the future, contact me and I’ll send you a free copy.

Also, I’m still thinking about the rewards levels at each tier, and they’re most definitely not the final product. To that end, I’m not unwilling to make changes. If you see something that just looks wrong or weird (or if you think my dice idea is just plain dumb), let me know and I’ll take a look.

As always, folks, take care and stay safe!

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