Broken Record

Sorry guys. I know I’m sounding like the title of this post, but I have to announce that we’re running a little behind getting Episode 5 out.

However, you guys deserve an explanation (not an excuse).

At the risk of doxxing myself, here goes:

As some of you may know, there’s a little bit of weirdness happening right now in the world.

Because of the before-mentioned weirdness, a lot more people are working from home – including people working for companies that never had any such provisions in place.

I work in IT for a company that supports many such wonderful places.

My editor also works in healthcare.

So, um, it’s been a wild ride for both of us.

I’ve told my editor not to worry with the editing, but will still provide him with booze as thanks for what he’s doing for society at large.

I’ve got someone else to help me, but between my crazy schedule and them getting up to speed, it’s not a fast process.

Now, it’s Sunday at 4PM and I’m about to get back to trying to fix a mail server that I would have happily tossed out a window if I was in physical proximity of it. Happy times.

I’ll make you guys a promise. This Friday (May 1), I’ll post the first two chapters up. It may not be pretty, but we’ll try to clean it up as best we can.

Sorry for the noticeable lack of dad jokes, but just running on a bit of an empty tank right now.

Take care, everyone, and make sure you stay safe.

[Quick after-the-fact edit: I’ve not managed to get to pretty much anything on that to-do list I posted earlier. The mailing list is still non-functional, but I will try to fix as soon as I can…]

[Post-Quick after-the fact-edit: I think I’ve fixed the mailing list. Please let me know if you have any issues with it.]

2 Comments on “Broken Record

  1. I still haven’t been able to find your mythical Artifice Episode 5. I see you claimed it on the website as released in September 2020. Nope, can’t find it. So, is it available for purchase anywhere?

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