Episode One: 2014 Edition!

Hi everyone,

I’ve secured a spot in a small email advertisement for Dec 18, which will be promoting Episode One.

I’ve also mentioned a few weeks back that, upon re-reading Episode One, that I wasn’t 100% happy with it. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t feel polished.

To that end, I’ve retouched it a bit, and have just re-uploaded it to Amazon, B&N, etc…

The only thing now is for us to see how well everything goes on Thursday. Wish me luck.

Now, back to Episode Four for me.

Also, if you haven’t already, I’d really appreciate it if you were to leave a review of my books at the retailer from which you purchased it. Thanks in advance!

2014 Holiday Contest!

It’s official!

On Dec 20, ten of you lucky readers will be selected to receive free ebook copies of Oncoming Storm (Artifice: Episode Three), and (when it’s published) Breached Gates (Artifice: Episode Four)!

How do you enter?

Simple! Sign up for my mailing list. That’s all there is to it! No lengthy entry forms or anything like that! I’ll randomly choose a selection of names right from the mailing list.

Still with me?

Because there’s more!

A very lucky reader will be selected to receive one of these Kobo ereaders! That’s right – whoever wins will get a Kobo Touch shipped to them, hopefully in time for Christmas!

Good luck, everyone!

A Tough Decision

Sorry, folks, but this is the post I was hoping I wouldn’t have to make.

(Just to clarify – I’m not deceased and this isn’t an auto-post-in-case-I’m-dead sort of thing. The books will keep flowing.)

However, like the subject said, I’ve had to make a tough decision.

To put it succinctly, I’ve decided to delay Artifice: Episode Four until the beginning of January.

I’m well and truly sorry about this, everyone. I really am.

The rationale behind this is as follows: Continue reading

Why Hello There, Mr. Murphy!

Well, as the title states, good ole’ Murphy struck again.

Got a bit of a flu going on, but I think we’re still on track to get Episode Four to the editor by the end of this week.

Also, I’m also contemplating a “beta-reader” program, but I’ll have more details on that shortly. If you’re interested, though, drop me an email at kpalexander@kpalexander.com and let me know.

This is Madness!

Went to Walmart today for groceries. On Black Friday.

It was almost empty there.

No joke. I thought the rapture had happened.

In truth, actually went to get a pair of kiddie sunglasses for our toddler. Told her this morning that I’d get her one on the drive home. Figured she’d forget, and I wouldn’t have to battle Black Friday crowds. Well, she reminded me as soon as the wife loaded her into the car at the daycare. Outwitted by a two year old…

Decided to pick up an apple pie and a pack of avocados as well. Apple pie wasn’t that great.

What’s that? You wanted an update on Episode Four? Still on track. Should be on the editor’s desk in a week or so.

Quick Update on Artifice: Episode Four

Hi folks – Just a quick update on what’s happening:

  • The new cover for Episode One, titled Strange New World, should be live now. With the proper title…
  • And, while we’re on the topic of Episode One, I took a nostalgic read through of the first few chapters a few days ago. I think it could be better. In all honesty, you can probably tell it’s my first book. I’m going to try to make some time to do a quick revision on it. Hopefully before Episode Four is published.
  • Episode Four, currently titled Breached Gates, is on track. Unless I pass out from exhaustion. Just kidding on that, but I’ll be glad to catch up on my sleep once it’s published. ETA is on track for the first half of December, and there’s not much room for movement. I can’t afford to miss that Christmas shopping window.
  • I’m pondering a few more… unique things I can do with this series. But that’s going to get more brain power allocated to it once I’ve published Episode Four. More on this to come.
  • Also, just a reminder to leave a review of my books if you’ve enjoyed them (and even if you haven’t).

That’s all for now. Back to work on Episode Four now.

Lots Of Colons…

Just re-published the book with the new cover/name/description on Amazon.

Unfortunately, this is what it says for the title:

Strange New World: Artifice: Episode One


How did that happen?

There are two fields in the book details page – “Book Name” and “Subtitle”.

Originally, I only had “Artifice: Episode One” in the “Book Name” field, and “Subtitle was blank. Now, I punched in “Strange New World” in the “Book Name” field, and “Artifice: Episode One” in the “Subtitle” field, thinking that all would be okay.

The slightly frustrating part? I can’t change it for a few more hours – have to wait until the changes have propagated out to all the Amazon stores/sites before I can go back and edit it again…

I’ll change the “Book Title” to “Strange New World (Artifice: Episode One)” tomorrow sometime, and leave “Subtitle” blank.

So, if you’re ever in a spot where you need to do this in the future with one of your books, learn from my lesson.