I just hit the Publish button for Artifice: Episode Three!

[Edited Dec 11, 2013] Hey folks, It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve just submitted Episode Three to all the usual retailers, and it should be live and available for purchase shortly. Here’s a breakdown of… Read More

Just Checkin’ in Real Quick

Hey folks, Haven’t posted in a while, so just wanted to pop in and confirm that I’m not dead. Been a crazy few weeks, and both the wife and I have been working some long hours – In… Read More

Quick (But Important) Stuff

Hi everyone, Just a few quick updates: I’ve recently got quite a lot of feedback regarding Episode Two. While they were generally positive, one recurring theme seemed to be that readers were sometimes getting lost in a sea… Read More

New Way for Me to Spam You Now Available! Act Now!

Hi Folks, I’ve changed up the sidebar a little bit on the blog. In addition to the “New release mailing list”, there’s also the option to “Subscribe” to new blog posts. What it should do (theoretically) is email… Read More

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