Late Weekly Update: Nov 13, 2012 (AKA The Best Laid Plans…)

Hi All,

Well, with today already being Tuesday, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make the Thursday deadline. The past weekend (and Monday, as well) ended up with my ‘real’ job taking precedence due to an unforeseen occurrence. I should have listened to you, Murphy…

Some more good news/bad news. Bad news first: my friend who’s handling the cover art also got swamped over his real job. Good news: I somehow managed to mangle a stock photo that I found to the point where it appears to be quite passable. Well, at least my friend’s two year old seemed to think it was pretty…

As for progress on the book itself, only the last chapter (11) remains to be finished. Also, Episode One is now eleven chapters, rather than the previously mentioned ten. I’ll have to update the FAQ to reflect this. Up to chapter 8 has been edited, so that only leaves three more to do once I’m done. So, after that, and then giving it another quick once-over, I should be ready to upload it sometime this weekend (Nov 17 or 18).

Wish me luck…

Quick update

Just a quick update before heading to bed.

Wasn’t able to accomplish much writing today, but did manage to pass the 20,000 word mark – am now clocking in at just over 20,200 words.

Contacted someone regarding the cover art – will have an update on that later this week.

Also, just a clarification regarding where to get the book once it’s finished. Smashwords will be distributing it to (at least) the following ebook retailers not too long after it’s been submitted:

  • Apple iBookstore
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Sony Reader Store
  • Kobo
  • Diesel eBook Store
  • and probably quite a few others that I’ve forgotten to list…

It will be released on Amazon, but that may be delayed a few days – reason being that Amazon doesn’t seem to allow an easy way for you to list a free ebook, so will have to work that out.

Part-ing Ways?

As suggested by a friend of mine, I’m heavily considering altering the current naming convention of the books – i.e. Abc: Part One, Abc: Part Two, etc…

She suggested using ‘Abc: Episode One, etc…’ instead. Her reasoning was that it “gives a better subconscious connotation”. I understand what she’s trying to say, and I agree she’s got a point. ‘Part’ sort of suggests you’re getting an incomplete piece, whereas ‘Episode’ denotes a more ‘complete’ piece.

Too tired to decide now anyways – am hitting the sack, and will decide later this week.

Still talking to myself…

… but hopefully not crazy.

Artifice: Part One is now clocking in at just under 11,000 words and counting. This includes the first three chapters, and the beginning of chapter four. Thankfully, I had a script/storyboard for all the major plot points and events already laid out for the first four books – so it’s just been a matter of filling in the blanks, so to speak.

If I can keep this rate up, I may be able to tack a bit extra into this first part, but that remains to be seen. If I can’t, it won’t be for lack of trying.

Why bother?

One of my close friends (i.e. one of the three people actually reading this site) asked me why I’ve bothered updating this blog that no one [who counts] is currently reading, and why not simply concentrate my efforts fully on writing the book?

If and hopefully when ‘actual visitors’ start reading this site, I suspect they might have the same question.

So, I’ll assume that you’ve wondered that as well, and I’ll give you the same answer I gave my friend:

This blog, in it’s current state is more for my benefit than anything else. It’s more a diary right now, or perhaps an apocalyptic manifesto, should I end up utterly failing (or if the Mayans end up being right).

So, there you go. Hopefully, this diary has a happy ending. 🙂

Hello, everyone!

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my site!

Who am I? I’m an aspiring author in the process of publishing my first book. Please read the F.A.Q. for more details.

I’ve finally decided to put aside my years-long procrastination, and am feverently writing in an attempt to try to release Part One of my first book (for free!) before the Mayans hit stop on the game clock. Should the world not end, I hope you’ll decide to buy future parts. 🙂

I’ve put up a sample of the first few pages of the first book Artifice: Part One, in the hopes that… well… someone likes it.

I’ve also taken the plunge and decided to join the modern age. My friend has created this nice WordPress site for me, and hopefully I don’t muck it up to the point where it needs to re-installed. I’ve also created Facebook and Twitter accounts at and @KPA_Author, respectively. Expect to see some content as soon as I figure out how to use them…

Until next time, and thanks for visiting my website!